Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Victory, how sweet you truly are...

It's done.  It's been mostly done for a few days, but I couldn't be bothered to go and buy buttons in a snowstorm, so the finishing took a bit longer than expected.  But it's done.  THANK GOD.  I like it.  Can I say that? I like this (completed) sweater.  It's silly.  It's a bit baggy through the sleeves.  It's comfy and cozy and grey and delightful.  I am glad that I own this sweater.

The finished product took a little more than 9 balls of yarn.  It fits around (and below) my boobs.  The buttons are darling.  I had to do some post-bind off modifications to the hood.  As it turns out, the hood starts mid shoulder, not at the neck.  If I had realized this earlier, there would have been an increase in raglan shaping... but that's all finished now.  To compensate for the massive gap-osis in the hood, I gathered every other stitch for 6 rows along the back panel (between markers 3 and 4 if you care)
Look at that lovely gather.  Isn't that nice
The result is quite structurally pleasant.  I thought about doing a little bit more along the shoulders, but it seems unnecessary.  The neck gaps a bit when the hood is up, but let's be honest--no one wears hoods unless it's raining.  When the hood is down, all is well and I am blissful.

So--I have conquered the cropped hoodie.  Fear me, miswritten patterns.  I have analyzed your brethren and seen its errors.  I do not fear your misprinted charts, your miscounted decreases, and your unrelated pictures, for I have risen triumphant out of the Green Iivy (I don't know why it has 2 "i"s.  I've never known)
"Moody Picture"
I think I'll take a moody picture to celebrate.  In other news, I'm starting a moebius shawl.  Also, I am unbelievable pale... It's bordering on bioluminescence... you know, like those deep-sea fish of terror? Yeah.  Like that. 

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