Monday, February 6, 2012

The Intervening Teddy Bear

Occasionally (This is a word where I double all the consonants and have spell check correct me. Other words include license, and hemorrhaging. I am a miserable speller...)... Occasionally I get a wild hair and can't help myself.  I just have to knit thing "x," whatever it may be.  Sometimes it's a shawl or scarf, but usually it's mittens.  Saturday it was a teddy bear (this one).  I have made him once before in itty bitty fingering yarn, but this time I chose a super-bulk, roving style wool which I inherited from a nice lady in my college town upon her passing (I inherited a lot of yarn from her. I'm still working through it.) It's called Vail and clearly it was purchased long ago, because the company's logo has changed and the yarn itself has been discontinued.  Needless to say, I was quite lucky because I have about 2 yards left of the stuff post-bear.  Close call.
Pieces and Pieces of Bear
 He looks like the snuggle laundry detergent bear, and that is adorable.  The whole thing was knit in an evening--each piece is about 8 stitches wide and only a 30-40 rows long, so it goes by quickly.  I blocked them the next morning and started sewing him up.  I'm moderately obsessed with clean seams and I'm happier with this one than the last one, but not pleased as punch.  I did an alright job...
 When you knit for long enough, you start to develop things you either care about far too much or don't care about at all.  I don't generally care about stitch counts after I've established the pattern.  I also don't usually care about markers (usually.  Every once and a while I bust them out upon realizing my own folly). I probably care too much about my seams. I've been known to sew up a whole garment and take it apart again because it just wasn't right up in the armpits (you know, that place where everyone stares, waiting to judge your underarm joins. I see them staring.) I'm also sort of a bind-off fanatic.  There are about 80 gazillion ways to bind off.  I want to know them all. I am learning, slowly but surely.

As you can probably infer--I did not work on the grey sweater this weekend.  Still, I'm about 4 inches short of 2 sleeves and then it's a yard of cables before any major decisions need to be made.  Wish me luck.

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