Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweater Distress

I need to stop looking at the picture in the magazine before I have an aneurism. The pattern really should have an asterisk by it directing you to a footnote that says *picture unrelated.  I get the feeling the designer made her sweater on the fly, didn't take good notes, and then sort of retraced her way back through the pattern because I'm either reading this wrong (which is possible, but highly unlikely at this point since I'm in borderline zen with the text on the page and have reread and rewritten it enough to work entirely from memory if need be) or--

The picture shouldn't ever show decreases every 4 rows instead of every other row.  It does. Click on it and make it big and you'll see (it's especially obvious on the sleeve side of the raglan seam)

(I apologize for picture quality on this one, but as it turns out, vogue may even be trying to deny the existence of this pattern altogether, so getting a high res picture was... tedious and difficult.  What do I mean when I say denying? Well, here's the patterns listed in the issue from their store.  It's supposed to be in between the red wrap coat and the white cable jumper. The stitch workshop is still up but... I don't know)

I may just start adding rows in there because quite frankly, it needs them and there's no way that there will magically be 15" at the start of the neck and hood. The back, which is the longest point of the sweater, is currently 9" long.  I have 16 rows of decreasing left.  At a gauge of 25 rounds/4 inches, I'll be lucky if this thing is a 12" total. gah. If I turn 16 rows into 32 rows, then I'll get (quick math) 5 3/4"... Oh hey. 9"+6" makes 15". But did I mention that I already added 2" on to this thing? Yeah.

I am so angry right now.  Patterns need to be test knit before you publish them.  Someone needs to be paid to catch this sort of thing.

I would post pictures, but it's not particularly interesting to look at right now because I've got it crammed onto a small circular needle.  I decided to compensate for the difference between my rib cage and my bust line by shrinking down the cabled hem.  Now I have 36" worth of stitches at the bust and 34" of cable under it, which means it shouldn't flare out unpleasantly.  I knit 1" before starting the pattern. I also waited to add on the sleeves until almost all of the short rows were completed.  That works out to an extra 2" of length. I'll probably make it to the neck soon--it's smooth sailing in the knitting department.  I just have to stop and reevaluate every few rows to make sure something new and exciting hasn't gone wrong.

I have a diagram drawn for the hood, and as soon as I know how many stitches I have (aka, when I get there), I'll write a recipe.

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