Sunday, October 21, 2012

The other self-striping cowl

I finished the other cowl this weekend. I even crocheted a little scalloped edge (which, let me tell you, is dedication, because crochet and I... well... we have a strained relationship dating back to well before I learned to knit. Let's just say we've never been friends. ever.)

The pattern is an odd combination of the infamous Noro striped scarf , the scarf to which I attribute Jared Flood's rise to (well deserved) fame, and the Carousel socks, which pique my interest in the oddest sort of way.  I suppose you could say that the ten stitch afghan is somehow involved as well... I don't know. Maybe there's enough divergence here for me to say, "Hey! Look at this unique thing that I made!", but I doubt it.

Anyhow, it turned out exactly like I thought it would, which is wonderful considering the "maybe I'll make something" level of planning involved. 2 remnants of Noro Kureyon and a smidgen of Arucania later, I have a cowl.

It's pretty darn adorable and a fair bit lighter than last weeks foray into neck coverings. I wore it around the house all day, which was a little silly, but the whole thing is sort of a little silly so I think that we were probably okay.

There you have it--a rainbow striped cowl, cute little ruffles, and a much more colorful winter on the horizon. I really should make some mittens that fit my hands properly.

Maybe it'll snow this year.

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