Monday, October 15, 2012


Sometimes simple tasks prove inordinately difficult and, let me tell you, photographing this darn thing was one such task. I took probably 20 blurry pictures before changing light settings, took 20 more blurry pictures, handed the camera to the husband who took 40 or so blurry pictures, and then we gave up as a team.

I think I may need to consider investing in a new camera at some point...

So the mixed-to-poor quality pictures that we managed to scrape together reflect 3 of 4 potential ways to wear the cowl-hat-cowl. There are variations within these themes, allowing for function over form or vice versa, (and now I'm mulling over the different Latin pronunciations for that and wiche wersa is particularly hilarious) but those are more incidental and what with the photography issues, you're never going to see them if you don't meet me in person.

The "light" side cowl

The "light" side hat

The "dark" side hat
The pattern is a sort of amalgamation of Nancy Merchant's (aka the Brioche guru) It take's two and someone else's Bertrand Louis, mostly borrowing shapes from both of them. The finished fabric is roughly a foot wide and a centimeter thick (mix those units!) and warm as the dickens. I'm not 100% sold on the self-striping yarn I used--it's a little "Hey! I'm changing colors now! See! I was a warm color, but now I'm cool! and now black! MAGENTA!" for my usual tastes, but I think it matches my teal coat well enough that I don't care.

I've got a different cowl that's been in time-out for the past couple of weeks that I should start working on again (We got into a tiff. It was best for both of us if we had some alone time). It's also an amalgam of 2 patterns, and uses self striping yarn.

Huh. Weird.

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