Sunday, July 14, 2013

I don't own enough tunics

I have finished the tunic--

I am deeply pleased. It fits absolutely perfectly. There's about an inch and a half of ease through the chest, and I have a 7 inch flap of fabric at the hip without exposing my sides. Awesome.

I ended up doing a mixture of my potential ideas for fixing this piece. I did rip it back to the beginning, add 4 stitches, work to 8 inches after the start of the chart (not the CO edge), and finish the whole chart, but I also shortened the final garter by 4 rows and only worked it over the neck stitches while maintaining the diagonal for the shoulders. The overall effect is more unified than I think it otherwise would have been. The completed chart cleans up the overall design and the shoulder modification (which you can't see in the photos, but it's awesome. Trust me.) make the top section make more sense.

I love this shirt. It makes me want to knit more tunics, buy more tunics, and just wear this all the freaking time. It's soft, cozy, and perfect for our summer heat.

Unfortunately, knitting is on a bit of a hiatus because I accidentally dipped my hand into a pot of boiling soup on Friday (... ... ... yeah), and I'm nursing one heck of a blister. To add insult to injury (and injury to injury), when I went to add more ice to my bucket of cold water I shot myself in the face with an ice cube as I cracked the tray. I now have a nice gash on my brow. It was a rough day. On the plus side, the soup is absolutely delicious. It's a Greek Avgolemono which I understand to mean Lemon/Chicken/Ricey delciousness. I am looking forward to feasting upon the left overs.

I'm waffling about what to knit next. I have 8 hanks of Classic Elite Fresco that have been living in my stash for a while. I think it's about time to give them a go, but I'm at a loss as to what. They're a sort of muted mint. I'm open to suggestions.

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