Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I win.

1.) It turns out that you can, in fact, pick out the individual burnt fibers with a tweezers and salvage a horrible situation. When I singed the vest, my husband could point to the spot. Now he can't find it and even if I point to it he says that it's not actually different. Victory.

2.) I thought I should share some swatches from the beginning of the vest design process. I knew that I wanted continuous cables over the corners, but I didn't know how many stitches needed to go into each wrap if the cable itself was going to be a 90 degree turn. (This is actually a lie. I did know. I was just pretending to not know in case I could magically get by doing less. This never works)

 So, the swatch on the bottom is my standard, straight cable which makes up the bulk of the border. The swatch on the top right is the corner cable without the slipped stitch border which I later deemed necessary to keep things clean. The swatch on the top left... well... it's a pentagon and it's also what happens when you are a lazy bum who doesn't follow her own knitting rules. The thing is hilariously ugly and unusable, and the cables make this odd sort of star at the short end that augments the hideous nature of the thing.

3.) This is the part where I shamelessly gloat. Look at this.

I need to block it some more, and the armpits are a little wonky (I think I can fix it with some well placed crocheting), but I love this thing. As soon as it's no longer the temperature of the sun in our town, I will wear this everywhere. As things stand, it was almost too warm to take pictures of the darn thing. I think for a first "person shaped" design project, I could not ask for a better end result. The in-betweeny idiocies, I could do without, but the end product is wonderful.

4.) Bonus mini-game: Try and find the scorch marks. 

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